Generative Unity3D Landscapes

29.01.2015 0

Stephan Tanguay Stunning Unity3D Landscape Research for use in Virtual Reality

In an effort to explore new ways to make extremely high quality content for Unity3D ( 3D game engine ) I have been doing a lot of research using various forms of perlin noise, erosion simulations and dynamic vegetation placement to create visually stunning landscapes! Click the link below to see several samples that I have been working on.

Stunning Unity3D Landscape Research

Virtual Reality Vehicle ( Audi TT ) Asset Test

19.12.2014 0

This quick demo ( Unity3D / Virtual Reality / Oculus Rift Dk2 ) was built to showcase advanced shaders, lighting and post processing used in creating really great looking vehicles. Its always good to research various approaches to achieving the maximum visual quality. In this example ( using the Audi TT ) the shading used in the car paint was really critical to achieving AAA results.

Virtual Reality AudiTT Render Test

Game Jam : Leap Motion VR + Oculus Rift

10.10.2014 0

This a fun gameplay demo I showcased at the Collide Festival in Halifax! I use the Leap Motion VR ( with some double sided tape ^_^ ) and the Oculus Rift to create controller free experiences in Virtual Reality. Since the Collide Festival I have taken this experiment fleshed it out into a full experience that I entered into the Leap Motion 3D Game Jam!

Do you want to shoot crazy fire balls from you hands? Of course you do!

DODGE , SHOOT and BLOCK attacks from enemies in this 3D game that uses your hands to generate powerful FIREBALLS you can shoot at your enemies in my entry into the Leap Motion 3D Game Jam “FISTS OF FIRE”

FISTS OF FIRE VR uses the Leap Motion mounted to the Oculus Rift DK2 to create a physically immersive virtual reality experience where your hands and position are critical aspects of game play.​

Please check out my entry into the Leap Motion 3D Game Jam “FISTS OF FIRE”

Try Fists Of Fire VR on the Oculus Share Website!

Stephan Tanguay @ Collide Halifx 2014 Designing for Virtual Reality