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Applied Arts : W/15 Online Single Award!

06.03.2009 0

Jeep Wrangler : Papervision3D

Applied Arts announced that the Chrysler LLC, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited “Terrain” I developed for Organic Inc won Applied Arts Interactive Media : W/15 Online Single award for 2008. Good to know that six weeks of developing one of the first papervison3D banners paid off. Applied Arts March edition has a nice write up talking about the ad. Also John Grden (core papervision3D creator) has blogged about my work.

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New Redesign for 2009!

01.03.2009 0


Welcome to my blog, a collection of daily thoughts, news, and opinions concerning new media & technology such as Flash, ActionScript, PaperVison3D, Ajax, motion graphics & interactivity in online media! This site has been completely redesigned to serve as a blog and portfolio site so I can showcase recent work and new discoveries related to the industry.