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For Outstanding Achievement in Web Development

Outstanding Website
Best Fashion Website
It’s also an entry at Cannes!
Cosmetics, Beauty & Toiletries

It’s good to know 80+ hour work weeks can lead to really good things.  This was one of the most intense deadlines I have ever had to deal with.

I was one of four Flash developers at Organic Inc responsible for launching two out of the five flash modules. This was an epic project at Organic Inc, it was the first AS3 project for the company with deadlines that were considered next to impossible to meet.  For six weeks I worked 80+ hour work weeks to hit the deadlines and meet the very demanding visual standards required by the client, loving every minute of it.   I have to say I am a sucker for this kind of work, visually demanding to the extreme.

Another interesting side notes regarding this project was that all content including images, positions and typography are external via xml files allowing the project to be deployed in multiple languages. That feature was never used but it is interesting none the less. The xml used on the home page to allowed new adds to be built regularly with out touching the flash. This was a great project and I was awarded an Exceptional Employee award at Organic Inc in addition to winning industry awards.

Big thanks goes out to Hugh Elliot for being such a great project lead and Todd Fraser for being such a rock star Flash developer.   In the end this ended up being one my favorite projects I worked on while at Organic Inc and I am thankful for the opportunity.