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Nomatics : Video Game ( web / iOS )

23.01.2012 0

Nomatics Video Game Available on iPhone, iPad and the Browser!

I had the pleasure of designing and developing the incredibly fun video game Nomatics available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and web browsers. The client was looking to create an engaging online experience loosely related to a television show called “What’s In A Name?” that would keep the brand alive and relevant long after the shows was being aired on History Television. In response to that request I created a fun action puzzle game using Unity3D an incredibly powerful game engine that allows you to create fantastic games that can be played on multiple platforms (xbox, playstation, wii, web, iOS, Android).

Play Nomatics ( Web Version ) Nomatics ( iOS App Store Link )

Vindicia : After Effects Animation

05.01.2012 0

Vindicia After Effects Animation by Stephan Tanguay

I was hired to create an After Effects animation to help visualize concepts of what Vindicia does for its customers. This project included tight deadlines and lots of communication with the customer the make sure the visuals really communicated what Vindicia does. Gregory Nersesian assisted me on this project ensuring every deadline was met ahead of schedule. The client was extremely happy with the results and the project was incredibly successful.

View Vindicia After Effects Animation