Applied Arts : W/15 Online Single Award!

06.03.2009 0

Jeep Wrangler : Papervision3D

Applied Arts announced that the Chrysler LLC, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited “Terrain” I developed for Organic Inc won Applied Arts Interactive Media : W/15 Online Single award for 2008. Good to know that six weeks of developing one of the first papervison3D banners paid off. Applied Arts March edition has a nice write up talking about the ad. Also John Grden (core papervision3D creator) has blogged about my work.

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From a technology perspective this project was a pure joy to work on. I developed a completely custom height map system that creates the effect of driving up and down the hills in the ad. I also built hit detection, interactive feature pop ups triggered by the jeep location and dynamic sound effects. The banner was built using AS3 but had the ability to load AS2 assets as required.  This was done to load 360’s of the vertical and a car colorizer from previous projects.

In addition to technological hurdles each content network had ancient rules surround rich media banner file size limitation.  You can typically load 10 megs of video but lesss then 100Kb of sfw’s/flash.  This is because they view flash as an animation medium only implying that video is just as good for animation.  I had to personally work with AOL, MSN and Yahoo to explain to them why 100kb would not cut it.  It took a while for them to really understand what we meant by 3D interactions.  Once they got it we simply had to let them know the ad would be built in a way that would have no impact on page loads.  With the final hurdle passed we were given the go ahead from each content network.

This project involved much more than just some of the most intense 3D programing in Flash ever seen in a banner. I hosted lunch and learns for the designers at Organic Inc. to promote designs that would utilize PaperVision3D in unique ways.  Building awareness with the designers was critical to getting PaperVision3D projects at Organic Inc Toronto office.

This was really a dream project for me, technically challenging and visually stunning.    I have been researching physics and multiple physics engines that could be integrated with PaperVision3D.  Hopefully I get more work that will utilize these skills and let me push the boundries of interactive 3D online!

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