AmuseUX Conference Talk

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Stephan Tanguay’s recent talk – Virtual Intent: User Experience Design in VR / AR from the AmuseUX conference is available for viewing. Discover how to use the cutting edge 3D design and abstraction to project user intention inside the landscape of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Learn how to design compelling UX that is intuitive, what concepts translate across each platform, as well as a few things to avoid along the way. These elements can help you create transform immersive virtual reality and augmented reality experiences into something your users will never forget.

Watch Talk – Virtual Intent

Generative Unity3D Landscapes

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Stephan Tanguay Stunning Unity3D Landscape Research for use in Virtual Reality

In an effort to explore new ways to make extremely high quality content for Unity3D ( 3D game engine ) I have been doing a lot of research using various forms of perlin noise, erosion simulations and dynamic vegetation placement to create visually stunning landscapes! Click the link below to see several samples that I have been working on.

Stunning Unity3D Landscape Research

Virtual Reality Vehicle ( Audi TT ) Asset Test

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This quick demo ( Unity3D / Virtual Reality / Oculus Rift Dk2 ) was built to showcase advanced shaders, lighting and post processing used in creating really great looking vehicles. Its always good to research various approaches to achieving the maximum visual quality. In this example ( using the Audi TT ) the shading used in the car paint was really critical to achieving AAA results.

Virtual Reality AudiTT Render Test

Game Jam : Leap Motion VR + Oculus Rift

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This a fun gameplay demo I showcased at the Collide Festival in Halifax! I use the Leap Motion VR ( with some double sided tape ^_^ ) and the Oculus Rift to create controller free experiences in Virtual Reality. Since the Collide Festival I have taken this experiment fleshed it out into a full experience that I entered into the Leap Motion 3D Game Jam!

Do you want to shoot crazy fire balls from you hands? Of course you do!

DODGE , SHOOT and BLOCK attacks from enemies in this 3D game that uses your hands to generate powerful FIREBALLS you can shoot at your enemies in my entry into the Leap Motion 3D Game Jam “FISTS OF FIRE”

FISTS OF FIRE VR uses the Leap Motion mounted to the Oculus Rift DK2 to create a physically immersive virtual reality experience where your hands and position are critical aspects of game play.​

Please check out my entry into the Leap Motion 3D Game Jam “FISTS OF FIRE”

Try Fists Of Fire VR on the Oculus Share Website!

Stephan Tanguay @ Collide Halifx 2014 Designing for Virtual Reality

Stephan Tanguay @ COLLIDE : Creative Technology Conference in Halifax

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I am very excited to announce I will be giving a talk at Collide ( Formerly known as HPX Digital ) in Halifax October 22nd-24th

Stephan Tanguay @ COLLIDE : Creative Technology Conference || Virtual Reality

VR DEMO : Oculus Rift + Razer Hydra Deck

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Here is a sneak peak of a demo I have been working on, will be showing it at FITC Toronto! It uses position tracking hands and body to create an very immersive experience. Come check it out!

Stephan Tanguay @ FITC Toronto 2014 – Oculus Rift Virtual Reality

Stephan Tanguay @ FITC Toronto 2014

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Stephan Tanguay @ FITC Toronto 2014 Oculus Rift Virtual Reality

I am very excited to announce I will be giving a talk at this years FITC Toronto 2014 : THE TECHNOLOGY & CREATIVITY CONFERENCE! 2014 is the year that virtual reality will go from a bad memory from the 90s to the beginning of a new way to experience content. Already, the Oculus Rift has started to transform several industries with its ability to transport you to a completely interactive virtual space. As a designer and/or developer, this transformation will change the way you look at your work. Stephan will help you to understand how to leverage what works in virtual reality and what to avoid so your virtual experiences will be effective at immersing users in your virtual creations.

Stephan Tanguay @ FITC Toronto 2014 – Oculus Rift Virtual Reality

( Award! ) Best Learning App at iKids 2014

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Time Tremors AGO Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

An augmented reality app I worked on Time Tremors : AGO was awarded Best Learning App @ iKids 2014. This mobile application transforms a visit to the AGO into an exciting interactive treasure hunt where even the artwork contains unique and exciting interactive experiences. It was an honour to work as the tech lead / senior untiy3d game designer with the talented hard working people at Xenophile Media on this project.

iKids Award : Time Tremors AGO

Oculus Rift @ The Royal Ontario Museum

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Time Tremors AGO Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

I had a lot of fun at Meld Media building this Oculus Rift / Virtual Reality showcase for the Royal Ontario Museum. This installation was displayed at the Ancients Arcade over the winter holidays with over 500 people experiencing it daily!

Download it today on the OculusVR website!Check out the video YouTube!

CreateInTo : Oculus Rift Talk – Jan 2013

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Oculus Rift Talk Stephan Tanguay

I will be giving an Oculus Rift talk at CreateInTO this January.  Anyone interested in learning more about the Oculus Rift and the do’s and don’t’s of VR software development using the Oculus Rift and Unity3D should come check it out.  Topics will be relevant to designers, developers and general curiosity seekers.

Come See Stephan Tanguay’s Oculus Rift Talk At CreateInTO

Time Tremors AGO : Media Launch May 26

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Time Tremors AGO Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

The Time Tremors : AGO mobile application transforms a visit to the AGO into an exciting interactive treasure hunt where even the artwork contains unique and exciting interactive experiences. The media launch will be happening this Sunday May 26 2013 at Art Gallery of Ontario. It was honour to work on the augmented reality adventure app “Time Tremors : AGO” and look forward to seeing it at other cultural institutions.

Come to the AGO media launch for Time Tremors : AGO

Download it today on the App Store!

W3C Silver Award :

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I am very excited to announce that a project I worked on at has won a silver W3C Award.  This was an exciting project in witch I was able to create the iOS / Web game Nomatics!  The W³ is sanctioned and judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, an invitation-only body consisting of top-tier professionals from a “Who’s Who” of acclaimed media, interactive, advertising, and marketing firms.  It was an honor to be able to contribute game design / development to such a unique and fun project.

Nomatics : Now in the Apple App Store!

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Nomatics Video Game Available on iPhone, iPad and the Browser!
Stephan Tanguay is very excited to announce that Nomatics is now available in the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch! Since this is a Unity3D game it can also be played in the browser.

Please check it out in the App Store and while your at it feel free to leave a positive review ^_^.

Nomatics ( App Store Link)

Proto Launch : 2 Day Unity3D Work Shop

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Registration for ProtoLaunch 3.5 with Stephan Tanguay at Algoma University on March 24-25th is NOW OPEN. To request registration, contact with an email titled “ProtoLaunch registration request”.

Stephan Tanguay is an award winning interactive designer / developer (Unity3D Games, Flash Websites, Banners Ads & After Effects based Motion Graphics) located in Toronto Canada. In recent years, Stephan has focused on applying video games and game technology to web-based advertising and mobile devices. Stephan has experience working with large brands such as Nike, Bank of America, Intel and Microsoft, and is on the cutting edge of applying game development skills in new and innovative ways.


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For Outstanding Achievement in Web Development

Outstanding Website
Best Fashion Website
It’s also an entry at Cannes!
Cosmetics, Beauty & Toiletries

It’s good to know 80+ hour work weeks can lead to really good things.  This was one of the most intense deadlines I have ever had to deal with.

I was one of four Flash developers at Organic Inc responsible for launching two out of the five flash modules. This was an epic project at Organic Inc, it was the first AS3 project for the company with deadlines that were considered next to impossible to meet.  For six weeks I worked 80+ hour work weeks to hit the deadlines and meet the very demanding visual standards required by the client, loving every minute of it.   I have to say I am a sucker for this kind of work, visually demanding to the extreme.

Another interesting side notes regarding this project was that all content including images, positions and typography are external via xml files allowing the project to be deployed in multiple languages. That feature was never used but it is interesting none the less. The xml used on the home page to allowed new adds to be built regularly with out touching the flash. This was a great project and I was awarded an Exceptional Employee award at Organic Inc in addition to winning industry awards.

Big thanks goes out to Hugh Elliot for being such a great project lead and Todd Fraser for being such a rock star Flash developer.   In the end this ended up being one my favorite projects I worked on while at Organic Inc and I am thankful for the opportunity.

Vote For My First Webby Award!!!

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Good news! “Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Terrain” has just been nominated for The 13th Annual Webby Awards in the Rich Media: B to C category! As one of only five nominees in its category, this project and the team (I was the developer) behind it are now eligible for two of the Internet industry’s most sought-after awards: The Webby Award and The Webby People’s Voice Award.

I NEED YOUR SUPPORT VOTE NOW! Voting starts today and runs through April 30th so please take the time now to cast your vote.  If anyone has time please vote for the “Webby Peoples Voice Award” its under the interactive section rich media B to C.  It’s a tight race so any votes would be greatly appreciated.  Voting ends April 30th so please vote today!

If you have not already voted, please go now to: :

  • Click on “Register now to vote”
  • Fill out the form and click on Submit.
  • Go to your email – click on the confirmation link (if you don’t get the confirmation email back…As I didn’t…just click on reset password and that seems to work fine).
  • Once you’re back on the People’s Voice Webby Awards Site, on the home page, click on Interactive Advertising/vote now.
  • Next, click on “Rich Media: B to C”
  • Next, click the “vote” radio button next to “Chrysler LLC, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Terrain”!!!!!
  • Then, click on “cast my vote”!

Thanks for your help getting this great work a People’s Voice award!  You can help even further by posting the link on your Facebook and suggesting that your friends vote for Jeep Terrain!

Applied Arts : W/15 Online Single Award!

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Jeep Wrangler : Papervision3D

Applied Arts announced that the Chrysler LLC, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited “Terrain” I developed for Organic Inc won Applied Arts Interactive Media : W/15 Online Single award for 2008. Good to know that six weeks of developing one of the first papervison3D banners paid off. Applied Arts March edition has a nice write up talking about the ad. Also John Grden (core papervision3D creator) has blogged about my work.

View Banner View Award Page Read more

New Redesign for 2009!

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Welcome to my blog, a collection of daily thoughts, news, and opinions concerning new media & technology such as Flash, ActionScript, PaperVison3D, Ajax, motion graphics & interactivity in online media! This site has been completely redesigned to serve as a blog and portfolio site so I can showcase recent work and new discoveries related to the industry.