Oculus Rift @ The Royal Ontario Museum

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Time Tremors AGO Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

I had a lot of fun at Meld Media building this Oculus Rift / Virtual Reality showcase for the Royal Ontario Museum. This installation was displayed at the Ancients Arcade over the winter holidays with over 500 people experiencing it daily!

Download it today on the OculusVR website!Check out the video YouTube!

GiganotosaurusVR : Oculus Rift @ The ROM

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Time Tremors AGO Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

The Oculus Rift ( Virtual Reality ) showcase I built at Meld Media allows the user to transport themselves into a completely 3D stereoscopic 360 degree world where they actually feel like they are freely looking into the past. Its a powerful experience where you can really sense the massive scale of the Giganotosaurus the largest meat eating dinosaur to ever live! This showcase / installation was displayed at the Royal Ontario Museum with over 500 people experiencing it every day during a several week period over the holidays and was a massive success!

Download it today on the OculusVR website!Check out the video YouTube!

Time Tremors : Infinity ( iOS / Android )

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Time Tremors AGO Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

I was the senior unity3D game designer and tech lead for Time Tremors : Infinity a compelling trans media game where you fly through the dreaming woods of the CBC / ABC television series Time Tremors to unlock treasures and defeat the evil Ms Bugly. Big thanks goes out to the team at Xenophile Media. A lot of people worked really hard to make this happen. Its very exciting to see this cross platform game ( Web / iOS / Android ) finally released on all platforms.

Download it today on the App Store!Download it today on the Google Play Store!

CreateInTo : Oculus Rift Talk – Jan 2013

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Oculus Rift Talk Stephan Tanguay

I will be giving an Oculus Rift talk at CreateInTO this January.  Anyone interested in learning more about the Oculus Rift and the do’s and don’t’s of VR software development using the Oculus Rift and Unity3D should come check it out.  Topics will be relevant to designers, developers and general curiosity seekers.

Come See Stephan Tanguay’s Oculus Rift Talk At CreateInTO

Time Tremors AGO : AR Treasure Hunt

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Time Tremors AGO Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

I had the honour to work on the location based augmented reality adventure app “Time Tremors : AGO“.  This mobile application transforms a visit to the AGO into an exciting interactive treasure hunt where even the artwork contains unique and exciting interactive experiences.  My research prior to this project turned out to be the perfect fit combining the compellingly unique intellectual property of Time Tremors with cutting edge augmented reality and interactive technology.  This app was designed and developed at Xenophile Media and will be deployed at other cultural institutions around the word with unique hunts for each institution.

Download it today on the App Store!Download it today on the Google Play Store!
iKids Award : Time Tremors AGO

Nomatics : Now in the Apple App Store!

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Nomatics Video Game Available on iPhone, iPad and the Browser!
Stephan Tanguay is very excited to announce that Nomatics is now available in the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch! Since this is a Unity3D game it can also be played in the browser.

Please check it out in the App Store and while your at it feel free to leave a positive review ^_^.

Nomatics ( App Store Link)

Proto Launch : 2 Day Unity3D Work Shop

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Registration for ProtoLaunch 3.5 with Stephan Tanguay at Algoma University on March 24-25th is NOW OPEN. To request registration, contact with an email titled “ProtoLaunch registration request”.

Stephan Tanguay is an award winning interactive designer / developer (Unity3D Games, Flash Websites, Banners Ads & After Effects based Motion Graphics) located in Toronto Canada. In recent years, Stephan has focused on applying video games and game technology to web-based advertising and mobile devices. Stephan has experience working with large brands such as Nike, Bank of America, Intel and Microsoft, and is on the cutting edge of applying game development skills in new and innovative ways.

Nomatics : Video Game ( web / iOS )

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Nomatics Video Game Available on iPhone, iPad and the Browser!

I had the pleasure of designing and developing the incredibly fun video game Nomatics available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and web browsers. The client was looking to create an engaging online experience loosely related to a television show called “What’s In A Name?” that would keep the brand alive and relevant long after the shows was being aired on History Television. In response to that request I created a fun action puzzle game using Unity3D an incredibly powerful game engine that allows you to create fantastic games that can be played on multiple platforms (xbox, playstation, wii, web, iOS, Android).

Play Nomatics ( Web Version ) Nomatics ( iOS App Store Link )

Vindicia : After Effects Animation

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Vindicia After Effects Animation by Stephan Tanguay

I was hired to create an After Effects animation to help visualize concepts of what Vindicia does for its customers. This project included tight deadlines and lots of communication with the customer the make sure the visuals really communicated what Vindicia does. Gregory Nersesian assisted me on this project ensuring every deadline was met ahead of schedule. The client was extremely happy with the results and the project was incredibly successful.

View Vindicia After Effects Animation

Lost Girl : Interactive Motion Comic

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The Lost Girl : Interactive Motion Comic was an incredibly fun project to work on as I got to combine a lot of different skill sets in one project, design, programming and animation. Bedlam Games hired me to create an Interactive Motion Comic application in Flash, as the lead designer and programer I was responsible for the design and development of the entire application.

After I finished animating the dry run / pilot I designed and dveloped a video player capable of loading multiple video streams simultaneously. Users were prompted with different paths at key points in the story. The application was able to switch streams instantly by intelligently buffering the videos in the background.

It was a joy to work Tigh Walker a well known comic book artist who provided fantastic artwork, very talented writter Navid Khavari who wrote the script and animator Gregory Nersesian who did great job animating the project in After Effects. Paul Forest built new episodes by inserting new content and making minor code tweaks after I left to work on another project.

Lost Girl : Interactive Motion Comic Episode 1 Lost Girl : IMC ( Dry Run / Pilot )

New Redesign for 2009!

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Welcome to my blog, a collection of daily thoughts, news, and opinions concerning new media & technology such as Flash, ActionScript, PaperVison3D, Ajax, motion graphics & interactivity in online media! This site has been completely redesigned to serve as a blog and portfolio site so I can showcase recent work and new discoveries related to the industry.

Formax Productions : Website Design

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Bank of America

Designed and build website conveying the quality & professionalism of their photography services. Using a combination of Flash and HTML images were constantly showcased while keeping page loads incredibly small.

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